Tube Cleaning System TCM-LK-V3

Tube Cleaning System TCM-LK-V3


LKS has developed a new generation tube cleaner with a water/air driven power. This tube cleaner are especially design based on market requirement after a market study. The tube cleaner is design for cleaning tube Boiler, Heat exchanger, condensers, super heaters, services pipeline and any applicable tube. This TCM-V3 design for reliability and solve the flexible shaft snap problem. It is suitable for tubes size is 3⁄4” to 4” internal diameter. The bending radius is from 230 to 520mm at 180◦ degree.

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The Model TCM-V3 is water driven system that removal of tough scale from evaporator tubes can be an irksome and very tiring task, as well as being costly, but it is one which is essential for the efficient running and operation of every industry like palm oil mill. The job needs to be done quickly and effectively, at the lowest possible cost while at the same time damage to the tube walls must be avoided. LKS water driven tube cleaning system is in operation in most Crude Palm Oil producing countries of the world and is a popular acquisition. It is backed by more than 20 years of field experience.